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As a father, I know first-hand that raising healthy and happy children is tricky. Children are fussy, particularly at the end of the day when they are shattered. We also live in a society where companies seek to profit from what we feed our kids; incorrect and damaging advice is pushed on us and marketed towards our children, and we have no time.

But with these recipes and resources, you and your children can enjoy simple and well-founded food and lifestyle choices for lifelong health.

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Empower Your Family's Health with Science-Backed Nutrition

Know the facts about food

Get research-based and scientifically proven food facts so you won’t be confused or uncertain about what’s truly healthy. Understand the nutritional value of every meal so you can make informed choices that benefit both you and your children’s well-being.

Apply facts to achieve healthier outcomes

Learn how to incorporate these facts into your daily routine to achieve optimal health outcomes for you and your family. From meal planning to grocery shopping, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Cook for all eaters

No more stressful meal times or battles with picky eaters. You won’t be spending hours over the stove making collagen gummies for babies or Instagram-worthy bento boxes for toddlers. Our recipes are quick, easy and designed to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Delicious meals for every family

See our latest recipes that suit every family table with bonus instructional demonstrations on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to stay updated!


Vegan Banana Pancakes

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Easy Granola

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Easy Breakfast Cookies

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  • Over 100 recipes

    Never run out of delicious, healthy recipes feeding even the fussiest of kids.

  • 6 research-based principles

    To help you create a lifestyle plan that’s life-long for you and your kids.

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